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AVON Skin So Soft Bug Guard

Along with summer comes sunshine (yay!) and bugs (boo!)! You can protect your whole family from sun exposure and bug bites with an insect repellent and sunscreen all in one. I love, love, love the AVON Bug Guard Plus Expedition Spray from the AVON Skin So Soft Bug Guard line of products. It's one of my favorite AVON products because I can just spray my active son one time and know he is protected with 28 SPF from the sun and with deet-free bug guard to protect against nasty bug bites. Our family has been using this product for years and love it. It's the best insect repellent spray with sunscreen!

AVON has two different kinds of bug spray. Also available is sunscreen and an anti-itch spray in case you forget the Bug Guard. Here's a chart so you can see which products you need to have a bug free summer!

Shop the AVON Bug Guard collection now at www.youravon.com/michellemulcahy!

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