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Introducing Ashley Koff, RD - Nutritional Expert

I hope by now that you have heard about AVON's new health and wellness line of products called Espira! Let me introduce to you Ashley Koff, RD, an award winning nutritional expert. Ashley inspires millions every day! She is a leading resource for the country's top physicians and national media (she routinely appears on The Dr. Oz Show and in women's magazines like Shape and O! The Oprah Magazine).* See what she has to say about how Espira and better nutritional choices can give you the results you want. She has some fabulous things to say about Espira... check it out below!

"Help promote healthy-looking hair, skin, and nails. Espira's AM Protect and PM Restore contain ingredients that are clinically studied to deliver beauty benefits." - Ashley Koff, RD

"Help your body use energy better. Take Metabolism Boost along with a nutritious lunch. It will provide you a boost of natural energy as well as keep your body burning calories better." - Ashley Koff, RD

"Nuture your body by giving it nutrients to tune up your digestive system. Better digestion is key to better natural energy." - Ashley Koff, RD

"The deep sea helps promote deep dreams. Espira Restful Sleep is formulated with magnesium-rich seaweed. Magnesium is Mother Nature's muscle relaxant." - Ashley Koff, RD

"Are you buying three different supplements, a fish oil, multi and antioxidant blend... Daily Essentials makes it easier." - Ashley Koff, RD

AVON's Espira can help you look and feel your best! Shop Espira on my online store at www.youravon.com/michellemulcahy!

Not sure what you need? Take this vitamin quiz to find out the right supplements and vitamins just for you! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

*The Dr Oz Show and O! The Oprah Magazine do not endorse Espira by Avon.

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