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I am so excited to share that you can become an AVON representative by signing up online! Join AVON and join my team, More Than Beautyful! If you have ever thought of starting your own AVON business now is the time! From now until August 20, 2018 you can become an AVON rep for only $10... yes, only $10! Where else can you start your own business for $10? (After this limited time special is over the cost to sign up to sell AVON is a minimum of $25.)

I have been selling AVON since 2010 and here's why I love it and know you will too...

Flexibility - Work your business how you want, when you want. Sell in person with hard copy brochures or online. Work part-time, full-time, anytime.

Your Own Website - When you become an AVON rep, you are automatically provided your own storefront online, your very own website. You get to personalize it the way you want in a few clicks and you are up and running. AVON has done the hard work for you. You get to reap the benefits of a fantastic looking site and a way to make money even when you are sleeping.

Back Office - AVON provides you a customer management system that allows you to manage your customer information, create and print invoices, send emails and more! This is all included when you sign up to sell AVON.

Incentives and Rewards - AVON rewards you when you reach certain goals. The incentives can vary from a lapel pin or tote bag all the way to a trip to an exotic place like Maui or the Bahamas! The sky is the limit. The more you excel, the more you are rewarded!

Training and Mentorship - AVON provides all the training you need to learn how to run your business and to understand the products. Training is ongoing, you never stop learning! There is always a new product to learn about or way to improve your business. Also, you will have a mentor to help answer questions along the way... me!

Two Ways To Earn - There are 2 ways to earn money with AVON. 1) Sell the products. 2) Start your own team of representatives - or as AVON has named it.... Leadership.

No Inventory or Party Requirements - With AVON, there is no amount of inventory that they dictate you maintain. You keep on hand what you would like to have for your business. Also, there are no requirements to have parties. You can have parties if you would like in order to build your business, but there are no requirements.

Discount on Products - Of course, you can get your own beauty products at a discount! Look great for less!

Sisterhood - One of the things I love about AVON is that the other representatives love to share what is working for them and we all grow. From Repfest (annual AVON convention) to Facebook groups, we reps share and support each other. While you are responsible for your own business, we all get better when we learn from each other.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start your own AVON business! Become an AVON Representative today! Here's how:

1. Go to www.startavon.com.

2. Complete the form and use CODE: michellemulcahy to join my team.

3. Select your starter kit.

Done! That's it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you will become a member of my AVON Team - More Than Beautyful and we can walk this AVON journey together!

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