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What Your Fragrance Says About You

Why do you choose the fragrances that you do? Let's have some fun and see what you perfume selection says about your personality! Are you a Zen Master, a Hopeless Romantic, or Sophistication Personified?

What Your Fragrance Says About You

Zen Master

Kids, work, bills... you're a busy woman but you keep it all together because you take time for yourself and finds moments of serenity.

You wear....

Haiku Eau de Parfum

Haiku Kyoto Flower Eau de Parfum

Haiku Reflection Eau de Parfum

Change Artist

Fun... romantic... daring. You like to mix it up and express all your fabulous sides. You're never afraid to be who you want to be, truly you!

You wear...

Be Fun Eau de Toilette

Be Romantic Eau de Toilette

Be Daring Eau de Toilette

Exotic Adventurer

You believe anything is possible and are always ready for the unexpected, from journeys to faraway places to hidden hometown gems.

You wear...

Far Away Eau de Parfum

Far Away Infinity Eau de Parfum

Far Away Gold Eau de Parfum

Timeless Treasure

With your sparkling personality, you're always decked out in precious jewels and take elegance to a new level of brilliance.

You wear...

Rare Diamonds Eau de Parfum

Rare Gold Eau de Parfum

Rare Amethyst Eau de Parfum

Hopeless Romantic

Exquisite and enchanting, you're everyone's darling, enamored by all things romance. Garden parties, love poems, letterpress note cards make you swoon.

You wear...

Today Eau de Parfum

Absolute Parfum

Forever Eau de Parfum

Daydream Eau de Parfum

Amour Eau de Parfum

Tomorrow Eau de Parfum

Ultra Sexy Hart Eau de Toilette

Pure Grace

With the drive, determination and self-reliance of an elegant ballerina, you're a powerful expression of beautiful strength and graceful spirit.

You wear...

Avon Prima Eau de Parfum

Little Black Dress

Little Red Dress

Avon Prima Noir Eau de Parfum

Magnetic Personality

You're intriguing, intoxicating, seductive and captivate day to night. Draw them closer....

You wear...

Avon Atraction for Her Eau de Parfum

Avon Luck for Her Eau de Parfum

Femme Eau de Parfum

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