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How To Order From Previous AVON Brochures: Back Order AVON Online!

"Can I order from previous AVON brochures?"

The answer is YES! You may purchase items online from the current brochure and the 2 previous AVON brochures. Don't miss out on items you would like to order! Most likely even items from older brochures are still available. If you have the item number or the name for the products you wish to purchase there is an easy way to see if they are available.

Here are 2 ways to back order AVON online:

1. Previous brochures can be viewed on the AVON Brochures page on my website. To order from a previous brochure, you will need to write down the 6 digit item number associated with the product. Once you are on my online store at youravon.com/michellemulcahy, type the 6 digit product number in the search bar to locate the product. You can also search by product name. The items should come up in the search results. Enter the quantity you want to order. Finally, click "Add to Bag" and finish checking out. This method will allow you to find products at current prices and to order them.

If you are looking to score prices from the previous 2 brochures use this method...

2. You will need the item number or name for the products you want to order. Click on the button at the top of my online store called "Product #."

  • To order by product number, choose the Campaign you would like to order from, enter the item number and quantity. Finally, click "Add to Bag" and finish checking out.

  • To order by product name, scroll to the bottom of the page, choose the Campaign you would like to order from, enter the description and search for the product. Select the product you want, click "Add to Bag" and finish checking out.

By using method #2 you can order at prices from the previous 2 AVON brochures.

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